This space is dedicated to owners of biological pools and lakes who wish that they remain clean and healthy, in order that users may enjoy pleasant moments with family and friends.

To avoid concerns to keep the water surface under appropriate healthy conditions, BioPool Clean provides a cleaning service with a very personal touch. The procedures used do not interfere with the balance of the pool/lake as no chemicals or harmful products that could damage the ecosystem are used.

We care and respect the environment: the methods used by BioPool Clean are in compliance with the good practice of the sector.


We are a pro-active team with high technical skills in cleaning biological pools and lakes that provides an adequate and independent service from the design and construction.

We respect the principles of environmental and conservation of Nature and support/give technical assistance to the needs in order to solve the issues of our customers.


BioPool Clean aims to promote the sustainability of water resources in pools and lakes through the promotion of proper maintenance of the environmental conditions.

In order to contribute to the need of the preservation of Nature it is capital to preserve water quality and ecological balance. The methods used by BioPool Clean respect the environment and the eco system because they do not use any chemicals.


We provide a high quality service that consists in the technique aspiration and removal of organic material in excess in order to maintain the pool/lake under appropriate conditions of use.

We promote the welfare of users and the embellishment of the pool/lake.



    Aspiration of loose sediment on the bottom of the pool and removal of other particles such as stones, leaves and other found objects. The removal of loose material of the floats is also included as well as the cleaning of wooden stairs or stainless steel and removal of adherent material floats


    Aspiration that includes the plain service plus the removal of the sediment that is attached to the bottom.

    Adequate budget by 48 h after according the characteristics of the pool/lake


Cleaning can be made at any time of year according to the weather, but the ideal period to perform the aspiration is between September and April. The aspiration should be performed once a year and in case there is a great production of organic material a further aspiration operation should be done.

Note: A Winter Promotion will be available in case of previous appointment. Call BioPool Clean to find out the cost of cleaning


Some pools and lakes develop excessive organic material and require an extra aspiration that can be conducted preferably in late summer or any time depending on weather conditions.

Thus, it avoids the accumulation of sediments that can contribute to water turbidity, which raises the costs of annual maintenance as the excess of deposited material makes difficult the aspiration operation.


Enquiries/Cleaning requests/Budget requests:

Mobile phone: +351 961498288




Services Base Premium
Aspiration of loose material at the bottom (organic sediments and leaves)
Aspiration of loose material at plataforms, slopes and stone stairs
Removal of organic matter based on floats
Removal of gravel, stones and foreign objects
Organic matter removal from stainless steel or wooden stairs
Removal of adhering matter* of stairs in wood or steel
Removal of adhering matter* on the floats
Removal of adhering matter* on the bottom
Aspiration of matter* resulting from the removal of adherent material

Services Base Premium
Removal of matter* within the tabs/curtains or walls
Preparation of summary report with only a few photos
Preparation of detailed report, photos of background/plants and films